About Us – 2 Crafty Little Sisters

2 Crafty Little Sisters

We are 2 sisters who come from a long line of crafty women.  Our mother loved to sew (all of our kids clothes) and craft, remember the macramé craze of the 70’s…we had lots of plant hangers and owls LOL.

Our grandmother was a seamstress and quilter as was her mother.  We grew up surrounded by talented women who were game to try anything.  Our mom built bedrooms, replaced windows and made great playroom furniture so we grew up learning by example.

And believe it or not our maiden name was Little!

We love to scrapbook…Ok we confess we REALLY love to buy all that gorgeous paper we come across LOL!  Of course when one of us finds something we can’t live without…the other has to have it too!!  Our next favorite thing is gadgets, we absolutely love the Silhouette Cameo  cutting machine.  One of us bought it…and then the other had to have one too…we won’t tell who the guilty party was.

Another favorite pastime that came from our mother is the love of cookbooks. Our mom just collected them like rare treasures… especially the old church cookbooks.  She didn’t actually do much cooking cuz she didn’t like that part LOL.

2 Crafty Little Sisters

Cindy – the older sister.

My husband and I are retired and after spending most of our life in Minnesota we moved to more southern climes.  Ahh no snow, no below freezing wind chills.

Yep we left our kids behind (really grown adult kids) and hightailed it for warmer weather.  It is so easy to keep up with family members who still live in Minnesota by using FaceTime.

We travel a fair amount in our older years and in case you didn’t know FaceTime works around the world so no matter what foreign country we happen to be visiting we can FaceTime to the family back home.

Since I became a diabetic a lot of the yummy sugar laden treats were not all that healthy anymore.  Then I discovered the low carb high fat way of eating and I gotta tell ya it has done wonders for the blood sugar not to mention the extra 25 pounds that are now gone.  A win win though cause now I get to buy a whole different genre of cookbooks, low carb ketogenic ones!! Wahooooooo.  Now I actually have to cook (always wondered what that pristine kitchen was there for LOL)  So I spend some days testing out recipes and see if they are keepers or not.

Laurie – the younger one.

I’m married with two wonderful sons, a fantastic daughter-in-law, and the most adorable grand daughter.  I work full time and spend my evenings and weekends crafting and creating while yacking on FaceTime with my sister.  

Several times a year I organize a themed quilting/scrapping retreat for several friends where I get to go and create and laugh and have a great time!  I’ll be sharing our adventures along with the theme ideas I implement!

Thank you for coming to visit our blog and we hope you enjoy the ideas we share!

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